Owing a website in this age has  become so relevant that without it, something may actually be missing. Below are the major benefits of having a website:

1. Global exposureHaving a website will bring your business to the global audience. This means a website will place your company on the Internet where billions of users online can access.

2. Easy access. Anyone who has an Internet connection can access your organization right at their fingertips. You may also have the option to restrict your website to certain users for security purposes.

3. Reduction of cost in information distributionThe Internet is a real-time and low cost medium of information. A business owner can easily distribute information through his website and email at a cost cheaper than the traditional offsite distribution process. Marketing, selling, customer service and useful public data are examples of information you may elect to distribute to promote your business and uphold your social responsibilities.

4. Marketing edge. Most of consumers rely on the search engines to search for information they need. If you have a website which is properly indexed by search engines based on your category, market or industry, you will likely be the one to be the first organizations which will be found by these searchers and prospective customers. Moreover, a website will give you great advantages when it comes to the two of the important marketing mix – promotion and place. Where place is having an online office or store which is easily accessible.

5. Real-time and 24/7 customer care. Even if your actual office is already closed, your customers can still access your site. They can still browse your products or services, make inquirers and read your contents.

6. Innovative reputation. A business that can catch up with the requirement of the fast changing technology is an indication of innovativeness. Of course no organization will want to be called an obsolete, old fashion or inefficient company.

7. Branding. Having a website with your own distinct domain name makes your organization become known on the Internet as a unique company. You may also use a customized and corporate email like mail@companydomainname.com, which carries your company’s unique brand rather than using a free email service providers like Yahoomail, Gmail, etc.

8. Public service. A website will expose your organization to the public. This exposure will give you the chance to distribute information that will serve people. These pieces of information can be articles or other resources that will educate them and will usually help them make their lives better.

10. Compliance. Most of consumers in the world today are already Internet oriented. They already require organizations to have websites to ease doing business with them. Having a website for your organization will satisfy your customers’ requirements.